International Studies


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ACTUAL QUESTIONS NEEDING TO BE ADRESSED: How does gender figure into the issue of global poverty, more specifically, why do many analysts argue that economic development and population control in low-income countries depend on raising the social standing of women?
Do these notions apply to developed nations? How? Why?
Please make sure you have read your posted lectures before completing your report. You will need to apply critical thinking along with course material in order to answer these questions. (Make sure you discuss both underlined factors). Complete your IRs in essay format and do not forget to include an introduction and a conclusion.
Some things to consider:
– Please use ONLY the provided readings and videos to answer the question, this is very important as my professor does not look fondly on outside research.

– (This is a review of my first assignment, so use this to make sure you are doing what my professor asked of me to improve on.) A few pointers I can give you is that I highly recommend you include a lot more class material since it was very limited for your first IR. Do not forget to indent all your paragraphs and watch out for your line spacing as it should be double-spaced and applied uniformly with no extra spacing between paragraphs. I also recommend a much stronger international focus for your work so please make sure you include specific international examples throughout all your work for this class.
– Two attached videos below to include as well as the readings from class.

Write a full two-page, double-spaced report answering the question(s) posted (or 1 page single-spaced) for it.
– Use Times New Roman font, size 12 max, one inch margins and I am very strict on meeting the minimum required content length. Content begins from the first sentence of your first paragraph. (Your name, class name, my name, date, title, etc, do not count as content).
– Complete these reports after you have read your required readings (posted lectures AND textbook) and watched/explored any applicable required videos or external sources.
– It is required that you include actual class material and from your choice of internal source and properly reference each inclusion using in-text citations so I can confirm when, where, and how you used/included class material. One internal source highly recommended being your posted lectures and then your choice of second internal source (textbook, short videos, external readings, documentaries, etc). Do not forget to react to the information you choose to include.

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